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It was a vice decision as the bootleg version of the show reveals a band that was clearly out of shape and sounded rather bad.Some of the songs however, ended up as official B-sides and single versions, including On the Turning Away and One Slip. The setlist at the time featured the whole Momentary Lapse of Reason album but A New Machine (part 1 & 2) and Terminal Frost was omitted completely due to time constrictions.

Delicate Sound of Thunder is very much a statement and a clear message that Pink Floyd is alive and well without Roger Waters.

This November marks the 25th anniversary for Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder.

Loved by some and hated by others the live album is a great testimonial of a strong comeback and David’s late 80s tones.

The album was released on CD, LP and cassette (remember those? As live albums mostly go it was no huge success but rather a nice souvenir for the fans.

The release also saw Pink Floyd’s first filmed (not counting Live at Pompeii) concert being released on VHS.

Faithful to the original blueprints and manufactured in exactly the same way as the original FANE speakers 40 years ago, a music legend is re-born!

The new FANE Guitar Speaker Factory in Wakefield UK Fast forward to the modern era and a new generation of guitarists are selecting FANE equipped Hiwatt for their unique tone.

In the early 1960s with the advent of electronically amplified musical instruments FANE took the decision to specialise in high quality loudspeaker manufacture.

In the early '60s FANE started supplying Selmer, Watkins/WEM and a little later to a young man, Dave Reeves, who went on to found Hiwatt.

Some of the old Floyd tunes, including Comfortably Numb, was performed similar to how they sounded during the 1984 About Face tour.

David was now in charge and he was free to do whatever he wanted with the material.

The initial plans were to release the live album and film a year earlier.

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